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i3test::Test - Additional test instructions for use in i3 testcases


  use i3test;

  my $ws = fresh_workspace;
  is_num_children($ws, 0, 'no containers on this workspace yet');
  cmd 'open';
  is_num_children($ws, 1, 'one container after "open"');



This module provides convenience methods for i3 testcases. If you notice that a certain pattern is present in 5 or more test cases, it should most likely be moved into this module.


is_num_children($workspace, $expected, $test_name)

Gets the number of children on the given workspace and verifies that they match the expected amount of children.

  is_num_children('1', 0, 'no containers on workspace 1 at startup');

is_num_fullscreen($workspace, $expected, $test_name)

Gets the number of fullscreen containers on the given workspace and verifies that they match the expected amount.

  is_num_fullscreen('1', 0, 'no fullscreen containers on workspace 1');

cmp_float($a, $b)

Compares floating point numbers $a and $b and returns true if they differ less then 1e-6.

  $tmp = fresh_workspace;

  open_window for (1..4);

  cmd 'resize grow width 10 px or 25 ppt';

  ($nodes, $focus) = get_ws_content($tmp);
  ok(cmp_float($nodes->[0]->{percent}, 0.166666666666667), 'first window got 16%');
  ok(cmp_float($nodes->[1]->{percent}, 0.166666666666667), 'second window got 16%');
  ok(cmp_float($nodes->[2]->{percent}, 0.166666666666667), 'third window got 16%');
  ok(cmp_float($nodes->[3]->{percent}, 0.50), 'fourth window got 50%');


Returns true if the layout tree can still be received from i3.

  # i3 used to crash on invalid commands in revision X
  cmd 'invalid command';


Michael Stapelberg <michael@i3wm.org>